A Chinese businessman hid two illegally built extra storeys on his penthouse suite with trees and plants.

The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and dwelleth not in temples made by human hands.
Acts 17:24

Henry Fuseli — The Shepherd’s Dream. detail. 1793

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Katrin Korfmann


i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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"Speak slowly, we’re German."
"What’s your favorite thing about her?"
"…. she’s there."
"When did you most appreciate her being there?"

He made a slightly puzzled expression, then turned to his wife and started speaking in German. She looked up at the sky for a second, then said: “He is island in my life.”

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The Palestinian Museum is launching a new project in honour of Pope Francis’s trip to Palestine next Sunday. Banners combining recent media photographs of the Palestinian landscape and its people with Western baroque paintings of biblical scenes will decorate Manger Square in Bethlehem, highlighting the tension between the popular image of the Holy Land and Palestine’s ongoing history of suffering under occupation and oppression.